Kentucky-Tennessee Ragdolls

registered under TNRAGS in TICA

A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.  In colors including Chocolates, Lilacs, Seal, Blue, Cream & Red. Located in East Tennessee, close to the Smoky Mtns., Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, North & South Carolina. 

​date updated

Jan. 11, 2021


-----We are strictly a closed cattery and do NOT stud out our males-----
All breeding cats have been DNA tested HCM-Double negative by UC Davis Labs
-----All breeding cats have been Vet tested Negative for Felv/FIV/HW-----
We are a small, TICA registered Ragdoll cattery, located near the Tennessee-Kentucky border.
We breed the beautiful blue eyed traditional kittens, and also the minks and sepia's. We breed for health and temperament and most of all

We are close to Tennessee, All of Kentucky, Virginia, W. Virginia, South Ohio, South Indiana, North Carolina, South Illinois.

On some Ragdoll websites, you see people telling you not to get a mink,
sepia, or solid Ragdoll. They say that they are not real Ragdolls. My
Ragdolls are all registered with TICA, and can be shown. New Zealand
along with other countries now allow the solids to be championed. 
Andhopefully the US will follow suit.
--These Ragdolls all were a part of the foundation of the RAgdoll breed and some breeders   are trying to bring them back.

So don't let anyone tell you that you are not getting a real Ragdoll.  They still have the RAgdoll temperament and gorgeous coat, but now they come in more colors and patterns, to appeal to everyone's likes. 

Follow your heart &you will never be disappointed, getting the Ragdoll of your dreams.

Hi, We are Richard and Tamie.  We have moved from TN.
to the  rural area of Mid-southern Kentucky.
Our goal is to breed our TICA registered Ragdoll cats
to bring out the wonderful Ragdoll personality in
the healthiest cats/kittens we can.
We fell in love with the Ragdoll breed when we got a
mink kitten from a friend. They are very gentle
cats/kittens and love to be with people. Ragdolls
have a long coat but it is more like rabbit fur, very soft with less shedding than other cats. Ragdolls do not need to be groomed very often, but love the attention of being brushed. Ragdolls come in several colors, and patterns, along with traditional Ragdolls, mink Ragdolls & sepia Ragdolls. They are a large breed cat, with the traditional Ragdolls having beautiful blue eyes.

Seal Mitted Mink

Tennessee Ragdolls

A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.
In colors including Chocolates, Lilac, Seal, Blue, Cream,  &  Red.    Located in East Tennessee,

close to Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, & West Virginia.


Traditionals have light colored bodies & blue eyes. They are the most common Ragdolls found.
Pictures and stories about your new family member are always welcomed and enjoyed.

"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."

We are registered under TNRAGS in TICA


Solids do not have the darker points and their eyes are either green or copper.

Sepia's have darker colored bodies and have Green/Yellow colored eyes. Sepia's are rare, but are becoming more popular.

I look forward to hearing from you, in your search for a  beautiful TICA registeredRagdoll kitten, that will add joy and love to your family.
these kittens have been a part of our family, and now as they become a part of your family, you can always contact us.

Our cattery has moved to south central Kentucky. Please know that we are still very close to the Knoxville area, but now we are open to more of Kentucky and the western part of Tennessee.

Happy New Year to all

Please email us for more information on available kittens.

We have kittens that can go home around the middle of January.

Please check out available kitten page HERE. 


Minks have color on their bodies with the points still being darker. Their eye color is Aqua