Please read before putting a deposit down on a kitten.

When putting a deposit down, it is refundable until you pick a kitten.

Once you have picked your kitten, The deposit becomes non-refundable.

  Usually there is a wait list for kittens, so get your deposit in to reserve your

place in line to pick a kitten.

We use Zelle for the $150.00 deposit. Your Zelle receipt is your immediate proof the kitten is reserved., 

or you have a spot reserved to pick a kitten. We can invoice you for the deposit.

For more in depth information on getting a kitten, please click here (Contact us & Information)

For information on prices & Delivery of your kitten, please click here (Getting your Kitten).

Families with deposits down for future kittens.

All deposits are transferable to the next litter until the family finds the one they want, or refundable if family decides they don't want to wait any longer.

1. Kyndra C.

2. Tiffany D.

3. Tami P.

4. Charlotte T.

5. Anna S.

6. Laurie S.

7. David M.

Please note, our kittens go very fast.

Christmas Kittens are spoken for,

Please inquire about our litter ready to go home mid Jan. 

They are now 9 weeks old


Announcements will be posted here.


Tennessee Ragdoll Cattery reserves the right to refuse
the sale of any cat or kitten, to anyone, prior to or
during a sale, at our discretion.

Kentucky-Tennessee Ragdolls

registered under TNRAGS in TICA

A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.  In colors including Chocolates, Lilacs, Seal, Blue, Cream & Red. Located in East Tennessee, close to the Smoky Mtns., Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, North & South Carolina. 

Adult Available.

Wicket- Seal Sepia Mitted

Just under 4 years old.

Fixed and ready to go home.


Tennessee Ragdolls

A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.
In colors including Chocolates, Lilac, Seal, Blue, Cream,  &  Red.    Located in East Tennessee,

close to Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, & West Virginia.


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