What you get...   
1. Your chosen TICA registered kitten will be able to go home at around 12 weeks.                        
2. The kitten will have all age appropriate vaccinations.          
     (the recommended  vaccinations will be given at the age of 10 weeks.)   

3.  Please do not vaccine your Ragdoll for Feline Leukemia (FELV)
      or F.I.P. (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Your Health guarantee will be void!
    --Mortality in kittens is very high and the vaccine has a low effectiveness and i
         it may very well cause the disease you are trying to prevent.
         --Please try not to give the Rabies shot within 2 weeks of other shots, and give only
             in a killed format. (contact your vet)      
4. TICA registration papers, vaccine records and
                  vet visits records.      
5. Food --a supply of the food that they have been
                   on at my house.  I feed 4 Health- all stages
                   found at Tractor supply stores.
6. A gift to help your kitten with the transition
                    to a new home.
A Non-Refundable deposit will hold a kitten for you.
Deposit depends on if you are getting a pet or breeder

     1.  $150.00  deposit on  pet kittens

     2.  $500.00 deposit on breeder kittens


                                                                  We only sell breeding rights to people who are
                                                              Registered with an approved breeding club.
                                             Please email for prices of breeders.


All kittens must be paid for--in full-- by cash at pick up time.
Deposits  - Zelle for Deposits only


Tennessee Ragdolls

A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.
In colors including Chocolates, Lilac, Seal, Blue, Cream,  &  Red.    Located in East Tennessee,

close to Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, & West Virginia.









If you don't see the kitten you are looking for, please email us.  I could be expecting, or already have a litter of TICA registered RAgdoll kittens that just haven't been put on my website because they are to young yet.

For More information,          email  KY.TNragdolls@gmail.com



A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.  In colors including Chocolates, Lilacs, Seal, Blue, Cream & Red. Located in East Tennessee, close to the Smoky Mtns., Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, North & South Carolina. 

"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association INC."


~~~Important notice~~~
 for Long distance customers:

Airline delivery is now available

Charges for airline delivery is $350.00

which includes: Health certificate, crate, and travel to the nearest airport for us.

                      To help with travel, we will travel to meet you for a small fee.
                            delivery of less than an hour away from us will be free.
-- charges are $15.00 per hour of travel. Don't forget the return trip for us.
  --Calculations will go by estimated hours according to Mapquest.
    -- Amount of travel distance will be determined on an individual basis.
      -- Price will reflect added costs like meals and lodging on longer trips.