"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association INC."


All kittens must be paid for--in full-- by cash at pick up time.
Deposits  - Zelle for Deposits only


If you don't see the kitten you are looking for, please email us.  I could be expecting, or already have a litter of TICA registered RAgdoll kittens that just haven't been put on my website because they are to young yet.

For More information,          email KY.TNragdolls@gmail.com








What you get...   
1. Your chosen TICA registered kitten will be able to go home at around 10-12 weeks.                        
2. The kitten will have all age appropriate vaccinations.          
     (the recommended  vaccinations will be given at the age of 9 weeks.)   

3.  Please do not vaccine your Ragdoll for Feline Leukemia (FELV)
      or F.I.P. (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Your Health guarantee will be void!
    --Mortality in kittens is very high and the vaccine has a low effectiveness and 
         it may very well cause the disease you are trying to prevent.
         --Please try not to give the Rabies shot within 2 weeks of other shots, and give only
             in a killed format. (contact your vet)      
4. TICA registration papers, vaccine records and
                  vet visits records.      
5. Food --a supply of the food that they have been
                   on at my house.  I feed 4 Health- all stages
                   found at Tractor supply stores.
6. A gift to help your kitten with the transition
                    to a new home.

Tennessee Ragdolls

A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.
In colors including Chocolates, Lilac, Seal, Blue, Cream,  &  Red.    Located in East Tennessee,

close to Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, & West Virginia.



~~~Important notice~~~
 for Long distance customers:

Airline delivery is now available

Charges for airline delivery is $400.00

which includes: Health certificate, crate, and travel to the nearest airport for us.



A Non-Refundable deposit will hold a kitten for you.
Deposit depends on if you are getting a pet or breeder

     1.  $150.00  deposit on  pet kittens

     2.  $500.00 deposit on breeder kittens


                                                                  We only sell breeding rights to people who are
                                                              Registered with an approved breeding club.
                                             Please email for prices of breeders.

Kentucky-Tennessee Ragdolls

registered under TNRAGS in TICA

A TICA registered Cattery specializing in Solid, Traditional, Sepia & Mink Ragdolls.  In colors including Chocolates, Lilacs, Seal, Blue, Cream & Red. Located in East Tennessee, close to the Smoky Mtns., Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, North & South Carolina.